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Secure Checks

Optimum Print Solutions secure check stock includes multiple anti-fraud features that aid in the prevention of check fraud. These features help to protect your business and ensure the peace of mind of your customers.

Security features on our checks include:

o Chemically sensitive security stock paper, which includes artificial watermarks and invisible fluorescent fibers.

o Void pantograph features. If a check is copied or scanned, VOID will appear on the copy.

o Bleed through numbering laced into MICR and the check number.

o Warning bands listing security features on the top and bottom of the check.

o Micro Print (MP) Signature Line (Borders), a series of words with spaces that appear as a broken line. A copied MP line will be solid.

Contact us and ask how Optimum can provide a 15-point security analysis to help ensure the safety of your business and your customers.